2020-2021 Training and Coaching Team

Wren trains at the Figure Skating Club of Bloomington in Bloomington, Minnesota where she works with a team of coaches and specialists including:

Primary Coaching Team:

  • Lorie Charbonneau, Head Coach

  • Christian Conte, Technical Coach

  • Caryn Kadavy, Choreographer

  • Kate Charbonneau Shurts, Assistant Coach

 Off Ice Support Team:

  • Stacey Herman Goodrich, Mental Strength Coach

  • Allie Wagener, Sports Psychologist

  • Dr. Robyn Knutson-Bueling, Orthopedic Physician

  • Karyn Dietz (Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist), Strength and Conditioning

Wren has worked with International/Olympic Coaches:

  • Audrey Weisiger, Technical Coaching

  • Jamie Isley, Choreography

  • Molly Oberstar, Choreography

  • Jeremy Allen, Technical Coaching

  • Alex Ouriashev, Technical Coaching

  • Alexei Mishin, Technical Coaching